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Mental Health, Daily.

It's about the little things you do frequently, it is never a quick fix, just conscious development of good habits.

Keeping on top of your mindset, because when you are at your best, the world is at its best.

You At Your Best

Welcome to the ‘You At Your Best’ (YAYB) Blog! (It’s coming soon!)

I’m Ashton and I will be sharing all the things I have found to be amazing at keeping me sane in life. Every post will be openly talking about mental health and the importance of checking in with it, daily.

The downward spiral is an EASY path to follow, because we live unconsciously (if we didn’t we would overwhelmed). But it’s when we live unconsciously about our decisions that problems happen. Expecting our lives to ‘just work out’ when we aren’t making conscious decisions and in turn develop good habits.

Starting with acknowledging this current moment, and checking in on your physical, spiritual and mental worlds; ask yourself is this really what you want? (A lot of us don’t even know what we want. So you will need to take time to figure this out.)

So get excited to learn nuggets of wisdom and follow ideas I will be sharing, that you will want to try. Start to develop great habits that work towards creating the best version of you.

Here’s to having a great mindset within your physical, spiritual and mental worlds. I love this subject and I’ll make you love it too 🙂 x


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"When you are at your best, the world is at it's best."